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if you strained your knee a while ag & you still sometimes get pain,should you not join cheerleading?


You should probably consult your doctor or physical therapist. If it bothers you to an extreme extent, you maybe could consider doing less of it? But it’s really all up to you. I personally have awful knees, i’m going to physical therapy twice a week, and wearing two knee braces at all times. It’s a pain in the butt, but I do it all for my sport. I hope your knee feels better! :)

Hi! I'm going this year 2014 as an exchange student to the usa. Here in germany I'm in a cheerleader team. As a Base. I am not so good, but do you think I can do cheerleading in the usa too? I dont want to go in a high school team. Sorry for my bad english


It’s fine, it’s always exciting to get questions from overseas!

I’m sure you could be a successful cheerleader here in the US! It’s all about finding the perfect team for you. It might take a while to adjust but i’m sure you’ll do great. Good luck! Hope I could help :)

so next year i think im going to be a flyer but im not 100% sure.How do you figure out what position your going to be?


Most of the time, it’s based on body type and skill. Look to see what other girls are on the team, if a majority of them are taller/’bigger’/commonly a base, then there is a large chance that you’ll be flying. If there are a lot of girls your size who are also skilled in flying, then I wouldn’t be sure. It’s pretty much all just based on your teammates. 

does every high school cheer team go to The National High School Cheerleading Championship?


No. They first have to compete at sectionals/regionals, state, etc. They then compete at Nationals only if they have done exceedingly well at all area competitions (usually meaning they got first). 

Hi! Love your blog! I am on a high school cheer team, and this is my first year cheering. Ive been working on my backhandspring for like 6 months, but im too scared to do it without a spot. Help? I know i have it, but the second someone steps away i freak out and freeze. Thankss! :)


Thank you, that means so much :)

I have answered plenty of questions about mind blocks/being afraid to stunt or throw a skill/etc. I’m sure if you just scrolled through my page just a leeeetle bit you’d find tons of different answers to questions exaclty like your own. I’m sorry! :)

Is cheerleading still worth it if your getting more flexible but you still have to stretch a lot?


Of course it’s worth it! Cheerleading, along with every other sport, takes hard work and dedication. You’re always going to have to keep stretching. Even the most flexible cheerleaders in the world still stretch everyday! 

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Thank you so much, that means a lot :)


my needle!

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What do I so when I can't do Cheer but miss it soo much


Umm, what I usually do is just stretch or watch cheerleading videos on Youtube! If that’s what you were asking..?

If there's person of my cheerleading squad that very flexible. Like she has both of her scorpions, heal stretches, her right scale, and she has a good bow and arrow. She almost has her needle too, but they won't put her up. She's an amazing base, could that be why? Or could it be because she's not really skinny..?


It all depends on the team. I’m the same way, I have both heel stretches, a hyperextended bow and arrow, and decent scorpions, but I haven’t flown since I was 11. Most of the girls on my teams are super short and small, and are much more suited to fly than me. It would simply be unfair to have a girl a foot shorter than me, and 20 pounds lighter to base me. I think the same thing could apply to that person on your team. Also, it could just be that she’s simply an amazing base!